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Welcome Neighbor!

Arcata became my home 13 years ago, when I came to Humboldt State. While HSU brought me to Humboldt County, Arcata’s community and values keep me here.

Arcata is the community where I want to raise my future kids. Because of that long-term commitment, short sightedness and quick political fixes just won’t do. I want this to be a community our children can be proud to grow up, a safe, inclusive, and creative community.

I believe Arcata can be a community where no one is left behind and everyone is valued for what they bring to the table. A community where people are valued over profits and politics. A community celebrating diversity, growth, and change.

I will continue to work with you to make Arcata an inclusive and livable community for generations to come. Join our campaign and vote on November 6 to advance Arcata’s values!