Meet Sofia


Mayor Sofia Pereira has proudly served on the Arcata City Council since 2014 and began her term as mayor December 2017. In her first term, Sofia advanced the City’s first zero waste action plan, fostered community partnerships including Arcata’s first ever State of the City, and expanded government accessibility online with social media and the city’s website.

A long time community advocate, Sofia has served in various roles such as HSU Associated Students President, Humboldt County Human Rights Commissioner, Arcata Committee on Democracy and Corporations Committee Member, Six Rivers Planned Parenthood Board Member and Treasurer, and Lost Coast Rotaract President. Sofia continues to support community engagement across the country as a nonprofit director for a national women’s leadership organization.

Sofia is running for re-election to continue working with the community on the challenges Arcata faces and lead to collaborative solutions. While HSU brought Sofia to Arcata, it was Arcata’s community and values that led her to put down roots here for 13 years. Sofia loves the unique character of Arcata - a small town with big ideas and a big heart. And it’s that spirit of Arcata that drives her to keep serving this community on the Arcata City Council, through the good times and the bad.

Commitment to Community

Behind every farmers market, small business, and social movement is the hard work and ingenuity of Arcata’s residents. A dedication to social and environmental justice, strong small businesses, and a creative and innovative spirit, is what makes this small town with big vision a wonderful place to live, work, and raise a family. And it’s the people of Arcata who have the power to move our community forward. Sofia collaborates with community organizations and neighbors to advance tough issues like the Arcata Plaza, housing, and racial equity.


Commitment to Progressive Values

Sofia never backs down from a fight. When standing for what’s right Sofia doesn’t waiver. Even before she was elected, Sofia learned that when she stood up for those facing discrimination, people would use intimidation to silence. Sofia faced bullying head on from Karl Rove, anti-choice activists, and former elected officials. Unafraid to challenge corporate interests, stand up for the marginalized, and look for common ground, Sofia’s has led the City Council through issues important to defining the city’s future. Sofia thoughtfully works through complex problems, ranging from housing to public safety. No matter the topic, Sofia tackles problems with pragmatism and principle.


Commitment to Public Service

As a student Sofia experienced first-hand the impacts of California’s worst recession and the CSU budget cuts and was motivated to get involved. Organizing hundreds of phone calls to state representatives, she worked hard to ensure funding for HSU was protected. Her experience as a student advocate showed her how government affects our daily lives and it inspired her to work in government to advocate for others. Sofia went on to work on legislation and policy, working for Assemblymember Wesley Chesbro and the Humboldt County Department of Health and Human Services, advocating for rural representation. Since joining the Arcata City Council in 2014, Sofia’s has engaged the community to develop solutions to Arcata’s most pressing needs. Advancing Arcata’s values and standing in the region, Sofia has worked with state and federal representatives to bring resources back to Arcata.